Control Rods:

These are in form of rods or bar, installed to distribute the movement equally amongst the two bellows of a universal expansion joint. They are not designed to restrain the pressure thrust of the piping system.

Tie Rods:

Limit Rods:

Equalizing or Reinforcing rings:

Internal sleeve:

Pantograph linkages:

Shipping devices:

Purge connections:

Purge connections are provided at the sealed ends of the internal liner of expansion joints. Its purpose is to inject a liquid or gas between the bellows and the internal liner so that the space between them gets cleared of any solids or materials. Purging may me continuous, intermittent or just at shut down conditions.

Weld Ends:

The ends of an expansion joint provided with a pipe, bevelled suitably for welding to the adjacent equipment or piping.

Flanged Ends:

Tangent reinforcement or collar: