Engineering design

Design is the most important part and feature of any manufactured products. Flexatherm’s design incorporates quality built than quality maintained. The design department at Flexatherm has qualified and experienced engineers to achieve the best and optimised design for the each customer’s specific requirement..

Bellows are designed on indigenously developed software. The design software is periodically verified and updated, with hand calculations according to latest edition of EJMA, to calibrate its viability.

At Flexatherm, design of product involves customers equally. While the customer designs the higher level systems and subsystems, Flexatherm designs the expansion joint for them. With involvement of customer from the beginning of the design process, the probability of the end product meeting the customer’s requirement is greatly increased.

Flexatherm has successfully designed bellows for some of the most critical applications which include cryogenics, steel plants, cement plants, nuclear reactors, Indian Navy, hot blast furnance and many more.


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