Gimbal Expansion Joint

A gimbal expansion joint can absorb angular deflection in any plane. It consists of two pairs of hinges connected to a common floating ring. Gimbal Expansion joint can consist of a single bellow, where there is no lateral deflection, or two bellows connected by a common connector where it can permit a lateral deflection also. The pairs of hinges, gimbal pin and the gimbal floating rings should be designed to restrain the pressure thrust.



  • Permits angular movement in any plane.
  • Gimbal pins are designed to withstand the pressure thrust, so the load on the anchors is reduced.
  • Prevent torsional movement of expansion joint as the two pairs of the hinge pins are connected to the gimbal ring.
  • Reduced forces on the piping system and main anchors.
  • Resists extraneous forces created form wind loads, piping loads, dead weight of the machinery, etc.



Pipe Configuration


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