Inline Pressure Balance Expansion Joint

corner configurations manufactured

  • Rounded corner
  • Single Miter corner
  • Camera corner
  • Double miter corner

Inline Pressure Balance Expansion Joint

This expansion joint is usually used in straight pipe run between two load sensitive delicate equipment were minimum forces and movements are required and main anchor is not possible.

Balancing bellow having twice the area of the line bellow to create an annular pressure chamber that produces a balancing pressure thrust force.

The typical arrangement of the tie rods transfers and balances the pressure thrust.

Rectangular expansion joint (Axial or Universal)

Similar to circular expansion joint

Capable to absorb all the three types of movements.

Only critical different i.e.; in which direction angular or lateral movement is specified weather parallel
to long and / or short side of the bellow.

Customized design is carried out due to wide range of pressure, temperature combination.