Manufacturing Facilities

Flexatherm believes better infrastructure gives better workability which results in better quality. It has adequate facilities for manufacturing largest size expansion joint with most stringent quality control.


Unit-1 Unit-2
Manufacturing Area Open Area: 10000 Sq. Ft.     Shed Area: 20000 Sq. Ft. Open Area: 189300 Sq. Ft.   Shed Area: 33200 Sq. Ft.
Electric Overhead Traverse Capacity 5 Tons (1 Nos.), 2 Tons (1 Nos) 5 Tons (1 Nos), 10 Tons (2 Nos)
Manufacturing capacity Circular: 50 NB to 8000 NB Rectangular: Any Size Circualr: 1000 NB to 8000 NB Rectangular: Any Size
CNC cutting Upto 120 mm Thickness
Plate rolling 1250 mm width X 25 mm thk 1500 mm width X 30 mm thk
Automatic welding Circular Linear Straight Welding
Hydraulic press 150 Tons 500 Tons
Shearing Upto 3 mm thickness Upto 5 mm thickness

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