Material Selection for Expansion Joints

Selection of bellow material is very critical as fluid properties play a very important role in functioning of the expansion joint. Properties of fluid may induce corrosion and erosion of the bellow material. For example, stress corrosion is induced in austenitic steel due to Chlorides and in nickel alloys due to Caustics. Thus material for bellow should be selected very appropriately only after consulting a metallurgist or consultant. Following table provides data for materials which can be used in bellows.

Pressure parts

weld ends
Center Piece
Tie Rods
Internal Sleeve

Materials All 300 series
(304, 304L, 321, 310, 316, etc.)
Incolloy series (800, 825, 800H, etc.)
Inconel 600 and 625
Monel Avesta-253, SA 285, SA 515, SA 516 etc.

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