Rubber expansion joints

Rubber Expansion Joints protect equipments and piping from damage caused by vibration and thermal movements. While not their primary purpose, they are also frequently used to accommodate equipment misalignments.

Rubber expansion joints provide superior flexibility, movement absorption, and cycle life, while resisting chemical attack and abrasion.
They are useful over a wide range of temperatures & pressures, making them the preferred expansion joint for most liquid and slurry applications, though gases & solids are also frequently conveyed by rubber expansion joints


Functions of rubber expansion joints

  • Damp oscillation, noise and vibration
  • Compensate motion
  • Compensate expansion caused by differences in temperature
  • Reduce tension
  • Compensate ground and foundation settling
  • Compensate imprecise assembly
  • Serve as assembly and disassembly aids
  • Provide an elastic wall seal for penetration assemblies
  • Compensate pipeline movements




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