Single Hinge Expansion Joint

A hinge Expansion joint consists of single bellow element with a pair of hinges which permits angular deflections in one plane. The hinge pins, hinge plates are designed to restrain pressure thrust. Slotted hinges assembly can also be provided to allow some amount of axial deflection.


  • Angular motion in one plane.
  • Eliminates pressure thrust as it is restrained by the hinge pins.
  • Prevents torsional movement of the expansion joint.
  • Eliminates requirement of the main anchors.
  • Requires minimum guiding supports.
  • Reduces forces on the piping arrangement.
  • Designed to restrain extraneous forces like wind loads, dead loads, weight of machinery, etc.
  • Movement can be controlled.
  • Can also absorb axial deflection, if designed.

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Pipe Configuration


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