Universal Hinge Expansion Joint

A universal hinge expansion joint consist of a universal bellow with two pairs of hinges. This type of expansion joint is used to accommodate large amount of lateral deflection in one plane. By providing a special arrangement of hinge box, the universal hinge expansion joint can also accommodate angular movement and lateral deflection in more than one plane.


  • Lateral motion in one/or more than one plane.
  • Eliminates pressure thrust as it is restrained by the hinge pins.
  • Prevents torsional movement of the expansion joint.
  • Eliminates requirement of the main anchors.
  • Requires minimum guiding supports.
  • Reduces forces on the piping arrangement.
  • Designed to restrain extraneous forces like wind loads, dead loads, weight of machinery, etc.
  • Movement can be controlled.
  • Angular deflection, if designed.


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