Manufacturing Facilities

With manufacturing facility of 70000 sq. ft. & 5000 sq feet of office and storage building Flexatherm has total area of 4 Lacs Sq.Ft.

The facility has a capacity to manufacture axial, universal, gimble, hinge, pressure balance and fabricated expansion joint of size ranging from 50 NB to any upper range, which could be limited only due to shipping constraints

Unit-1 Unit-2
Manufacturing Area Open Area: 10000 Sq. Ft.
Shed Area: 20000 Sq. Ft.
Open Area: 189300 Sq. Ft.
Shed Area: 33200 Sq. Ft.
Electric Overhead Traverse Capacityt 5 Tons (1 Nos.), 2 Tons (1 Nos) 5 Tons (1 Nos), 10 Tons (2 Nos)
Manufacturing capacity Circular: 50 NB to 8000 NB Rectangular: Any Size Circualr: 1000 NB to 8000 NB Rectangular: Any Size
CNC cutting - Upto 120 mm Thickness
Plate rolling 1250 mm width X 25 mm thk 1500 mm width X 30 mm thk
Automatic welding Circular Linear Straight Welding
Hydraulic press 150 Tons 500 Tons
Shearing Upto 3 mm thickness Upto 5 mm thickness