Research and Development

Progressive innovation based on customer needs has been the core ideology of Flexatherm, since its incorporation. This is the driving factor behind becoming one of the world leaders in expansion joint industry. We, at Flexatherm believe that investing in Research and Development is investing in customer satisfaction.

We continuously improve our facility and upgrade machinery to produce flawless quality product and that too in minimum time and cost. The goal of flexatherm is “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.”

Welding is the most important parameter in a metallic bellow. Life of a bellow significantly depends on the welding quality. Flexatherm has developed various jigs, fixtures and turn tables to obtain uniform welding quality in all sizes/types of bellows. Welding procedure and qualification is in accordance with ASME section IX.

Moreover, Flexatherm also develops and calibrates its testing fixtures, so that most accurate and reliable results are obtained during testing. Flexatherm has also provided end to end design solutions to major industries like cement, steel, defence, power generation, etc.