Poppet dampers are used on inlets, outlets andbypasses of certain baghouse designs. Flexatherm can providePoppet dampers in sections or completely assembled.Some baghouse manufacturers do not require the completePoppet assembly. In such cases Flexatherm can supplythe Poppet discs, seat, cylinder stand, shafts, and operatorfor assembly into the manufacturer’s ductwork.

Our Poppet damper has several design features that make it superior to the design of many of our competitors’.We provide a seat ring with either a blanchard ground or a machined sealing surface. Our Poppet disc also has the ability to accept misalignment before final seating. These design features provide a better sealing Poppet.

Our standard shafts are made of 316 stainless steel, providing corrosion resistance. We can also manufacture Poppet designs which can be used for bypass applications. The Poppet consists of two discs fixed to the same shaft. A purge or a vacuum can be supplied to obtain a zero leakage condition.

We can also offer a proprietary designed Poppet damper for thermo oxidizers used in the destruction of volatile organic compounds (v.o.c.’s). All Poppet dampers manufactured as per Flexatherm design, comes equipped with a lock out mechanism in both the open and closed position. This provides a safeguard against injury of personnel during maintenance of the baghouse or thermo oxidizer.